Avid Eleven Rack v2.01 preset

Edgerucci Clean

Posted by Kruegmeister on 2012-01-24 14:27:25 , Contributor: Kruegmeister , Source: Kruegmeister

  • Artist: John Petrucci / Dream Theater
  • Song: Pull Me Under & More
  • Style: Progressive Rock
  • Gain: Clean
  • Guitar Type: Electric
  • Pickup: n/a
  • Output:
  • Channel: Stereo

Preset Description

Clean Sound for Pull Me Under. Edgerucci Clean.tfx With Effects On at Load no Expression Pedal Control. EdgerucciClean2.tfx is Effects Off with Expression Pedal to Turn on Effects. Midi CC is set to Toggle on Delay and Reverb. Originally by Vaisatchatrucci

Cab / IR Recipe

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Download "Edgerucci Clean.tfx"

Download "Edgerucci Clean.tfx"

Download "EdgerucciClean2.tfx"