Axe-Fx II v5.4b preset

Jimi Hendrix recording chain

Posted by levipeto on 2012-02-14 01:30:50 , Contributor: austinbuddy , Source: austinbuddy. Levi Peto

  • Artist: Jimi Hendrix
  • Song: n/a
  • Style: rock
  • Gain: n/a
  • Guitar Type: Electric
  • Pickup: Single Coil
  • Output: Mackie 624
  • Channel: Stereo

Preset Description

Original preset is from austinbuddy, I just added some dynamics and speaker drive and Far Field IR. Original preset is : 65 Bassman -JIMI.syx \"In constructing this patch, I am using a good Strat (Gold sparkle, Custom shop teambuilt) with Lollar vintage pickups (the \"dirty blonde\" set). I use an RC Booster with just a little gain and volume boost and leave it on all the time. This also uses the latest firmware version 5.04b which KILLS for dynamics and realism, and the latest Axe-Edit. This patch can help you get some of the wonderful gritty tones Jimi got from cranking up his Fender amps and heard on many signature recordings. Not going for the \"Jimi Live\" sound here. Yes, am using a Fender \'65 Bassman into a 25W 4 x12, because it sounds better. You have to use your ears and not eyes or \"the book said he used X\" on this stuff. The patch needs a good bit of explaining because I use an MFC 101 plus four expression pedals and 4 X/Y switches.... EXP 1 - volume Exp 2 - free Exp 3- set to Wah, crybaby style (yes I know he used Vox but this one sounds right) Exp 4 set to PAN, you know how Jimi with engineer/producer/genius Eddie Kramer panned his leads in real time stereo, you can do it too. It\'s set to start in center. Signal chain: Drive 2 -- simulates my RC booster, use this \"on\" if you don\'t have a good transparent boost pedal, adjust to taste, the point is to take those vintage non-hot pickups that have such dynamic range and boost that signal into the amp Wah 1 -- Crybaby emulation. I have mine set to Exp 3, auto heel to shut off/on. Works good for \"rainy Day, Dream Away\" and \"Still raining, Still Dreaming\" Drive 1 -- i use BOTH X and Y settings. X = Fuzz Face (think Spanish Castle magic, or Foxy Lady), and Y = Octavia (think end of Purple Haze). You can adjust the drive amount on Fuzz to taste, but don\'t saturate it too much Phaser 1 -- this is a preset Univibe. If you like, you can assign to Exp. pedal for speed. Think the song \"Electric Ladyland\" Amp 1 -- Fender Bassman Blackface \'65, I love this amp. Use X setting for most tones/rhythm, but Y is boost and more drive. Note how I have added more gain than normal -- with the input trim up over 2 -- this is a great tip/secret especially with single can even assign this control to a pedal, so no more futzing with patch levels differing between humbuckers and single coils, it can add instant input gain. (And if I wasn\'t using this amp here, I might use the Marshall JTM 45 instead...) Cab 1 -- stock G12M25 Basketweave 4X12 w/ a Royer ribbon mic. Note I have a slight room sound added in cab here, gives ambience, big part of realism of sound, you could hear some of the room sound in there for many of Jimi\'s recordings. BTW Eddie Kramer also used Neuman 67\'s on his amps so give that a shot if you want to experiment.... Flanger 1 -- used for \"House Burning Down\" through zero-flanging....this could be tweaked more I bet, but gets you close Rotary 1 -- used for \"Little Wing\" if in MONO (else pans a good bit)... i don\'t use it but threw it in.... Delay 2 -- used X as the dual delay sound that you get on \"If 6 was 9\" at the break (one speakers is 212ms, the other 333ms)....Also excellent for blues leads, like \"Red House\"... Delay 1 -- use both X and Y, X= Reverse delay for solos like \"Castles Made of Sand\" or \"R U Experienced?\".... Y is great stereo tape delay, essential for the intro to \"House Burning Down\" Reverb 1 is blended in, and is finely tweaked to be like great studio room. I got inspired partly by Hermida Audio\'s great Reverb pedal for this sound. Do alternate between dry sound (no reverb) and this reverb, it\'s set up to blended into dry signal just like studios do via aux send/return faders. If you tune down to D on your Strat, this is good for the bluesy Voodoo Chile on side 1 of Electric Ladyland. Vol/Pan -- use this to pan between speakers got Jimi leads, else park it in the middle. So, as example, for House Burning Down, turn on Fuzz, Flanger, and Delay 1 \"Y\" setting plus Reverb on, and then hit that exp. pedal to pan between speakers... I hope you get inspired by this patch as much as it inspires me... put on your headphones, pipe in a Hendrix recording, and see what you think. And save the various effects blocks for use in other patches! Please, suggestions for improvements on any parts of this are welcome! Later this year the Experience Hendrix tour will be rolling, and some of the artists playing in it, like Dweezil Zappa, will be using their AXE FX II to get Jimi tones on stage, so be sure to check that out if it comes to your town... Finally -- how about posting YOUR Hendrix patches to this thread? Please share patches you think nail Jimi\'s tone, and tell us what song you\'ve nailed it on!\"

Cab / IR Recipe

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Download "65 Bassman -JIMI - FF.syx"

Download "65 Bassman -JIMI.syx"