Axe-Fx II v5.01 preset

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Posted by levipeto on 2013-12-24 05:16:07 , Contributor: smilefan , Source: smilefan

  • Artist: Gary Moore, Robben Frord, Judast Priest, Hendrix
  • Song: Still Got the Blues and others
  • Style: N/A
  • Gain: n/a
  • Guitar Type: Electric
  • Pickup: n/a
  • Output:
  • Channel: Stereo

Preset Description

\"As a parting bequeath, I am posting some patches I had in the works. They are not quite finished but here you go, anyway: Still Got The Moore – My smack down to the Stock “Still Got The Blues” preset, which I don’t think is very accurate (and I LOVE Gary Moore). This one sounds like him. Judas Priest – Was going to be part of my “artist” series of patches. A little unpolished, but pretty close, as it is, to their big, chorus’d Marshall sound. SLO Synth – The fattest synth voice I could make, courtesy of the SLO model. Sex Machine Wah – A nice, crisp, auto-wah voice designed for ‘70’s style Funk and R&B playing. Hard Drive Psychosis – A joke patch. A most God-awful irritating sound I designed for all the people that ask to play my Axe II. You set up your victim with the patch, and when the first few twisted, tortured notes ring out, you scream, “Hey man! You broke it!!” Reverse Fractal Fuzz – This is Yek’s patch. I mutilated it, but it came out good. A Hendrix-y take on his cool creation. Short Phrase Sample – A very simple single repeat, long delay I use a lot when recording. You play quick 4-5 note phrases, and it gives you a nice ‘call and response’ vibe. Big Pitch Metal – This one is really not finished. I came up with a fun metal sound using a Pitch block, with a 9th step down and a 3rd above, on top of the normal signal. Has a unique extended voice, but still needs work. One of you budding artists can finish it. Also, look for a fantastic “Robben Ford Dumble” patch soon from Austinbuddy, that we both put in a lot of time tweaking and refining. Amazing detail and character, both clean and dirty!\"

Cab / IR Recipe