Axe-Fx II v5.01 preset

Homage preset bundle

Posted by levipeto on 2012-02-22 21:09:25 , Contributor: adrianni , Source: adrianni

  • Artist: Pete Thorn
  • Song: Homage
  • Style: Rock
  • Gain: n/a
  • Guitar Type: Electric
  • Pickup: Single Coil
  • Output: Adam A7X monitors
  • Channel: Stereo

Preset Description

\"Gear used: Fender Strat Jeff Beck signature (lace sensors, bridge has two of them in humbucker config) Axe FX II (obviously) Adam A7X monitors.\"

Cab / IR Recipe

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Download "Homage Clean.syx"

Download "Homage Buttery.syx"

Download "Homage Buttery 2.syx"

Download "Homage Solo 1.syx"

Download "Homage Solo 2.syx"

Download "Homage Final Solo.syx"