Axe-Fx II v1.05 preset

Acoustic guitar emulator

Posted by levipeto on 2011-09-12 20:23:03 , Contributor: smilefan , Source: smilefan

  • Artist:
  • Song:
  • Style: Acoustic
  • Gain: Clean
  • Guitar Type: Electric
  • Pickup: n/a
  • Output: Matrix GT800 SS amp/EVM-loaded gtr cabs
  • Channel: Mono

Preset Description

Here is something we all need. A decent acoustic guitar patch! I made this one using my singer\'s Gibson J-45 acoustic for comparison. You must manually install the included \"gtrbody\" cab IR in the upper row cabinet for the patch to function properly (if you already have it in your user cab files, just select that user slot number). If you look at the patch, you\'ll see the upper row pathway\'s sound is based on the included gtrbody IR. The lower signal pathway is a re-creation of an acoustic guitar\'s EQ capture (specifically a Taylor 914) from the below EQ curve I found on the Acoustic Guitar Forum. I used a Parametric to copy its curve as close as I could (really needed a 31 band EQ to get it exact). The two signal paths are then partially blended for a big sound in the stereo field. My Custom IR for the lower signal chain cab: Ownhammer_112_Theile_12L_Fathead (D112 dyn mic) TUTORIAL - I used a Parametric EQ in the lower signal chain of the patch. There are 3 kinds of Parametrics; Blocking, Shelving, Peaking. I used \'Peaking\' here. In the EQ range from 20Hz-20kHz the Axe Parametrics allow you to create 5 notches (peaks/valleys) in this range. You position the apex of each peak/valley with the Frequency control. The size of each notch with the Gain (-12db to +12db). The sharpness/width of each notch with the \"Q\". Look at the below EQ curve I posted, then look at the Parametric EQ graph in the patch. Observe how I picked out the five largest features of the below curve and duplicated them in the Axe\'s Parametric EQ. Dont be intimidated by Parametrics. They are powerful tools. Use them to clean up sounds, bring out effects and sonic elements you want heard.

Cab / IR Recipe

Here is another version (Gibson FlatTop (studio).syx) of the above Gibson acoustic simulation. It sounds GOOOD! I\'m proud of this. Bigger, bolder, and clearer than the first version, with a Compressor and Line Driver out in front of the two signal chains. Effects are mixed a little higher. This is more of a studio-oriented version. You still need to install the gtrbody.syx IR in the upper row cab of this patch like the other one. No custom cab in the lower row this time. All stock. Sounds really good capo\'ed up a couple frets with big open chord strumming. I think this one really captures the boomy/boxy/sweet sound of a dreadnaught style 6 string. Play this patch with the neck pickup!

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Download "Gibson Flat Top.syx"

Download "gtrbody.syx"

Download "Gibson FlatTop (studio).syx"