Axe-Fx II v1.05 preset


Posted by levipeto on 2011-09-12 19:49:43 , Contributor: smilefan , Source: smilefan

  • Artist:
  • Song:
  • Style:
  • Gain: n/a
  • Guitar Type: Electric
  • Pickup: n/a
  • Output: Matrix GT800 SS amp/EVM-loaded gtr cabs
  • Channel: Mono

Preset Description

Me again. In the studio work I\'ve done recently, AC-30 and Matchless sounds have been my bread and butter. I\'ve specifically been asked, \"can your black box do a Matchless?\". In reviewing the \"Boutique\" stock patches in the II, I didn\'t find one I thought really captured the Matchless magic. It should sound like tiny overdriven brass bells. Gritty, brilliant chime. So here is my attempt at a signature DC-30 tone. Capo up high on the neck and try it with open chord strumming and arpeggios, it should sound a bit like a 12-string.

Cab / IR Recipe

Cab A - Redwirez VoxAC30Blues-KM84-Cap-2in (58 dyn mic) Cab B - Redwirez VoxAC30Blues-421-CapEdge-0in (e609 dyn mic)

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Download "MatchlessDC30Chime 1.05.syx"