Axe-Fx Ultra v10.05 preset

Scott s collection May 2011

Posted by levipeto on 2011-09-23 08:20:18

  • Artist: Scott Peterson
  • Song:
  • Style:
  • Gain: n/a
  • Guitar Type: Other
  • Pickup: n/a
  • Output:
  • Channel: Stereo

Preset Description

\"Here is my Ultra (firmware 10.05) bank of all my user patches for you to use with your Ultra or Standard (*note, with a Standard, you just need to take out 2 of the PEQ blocks). *Note: you may need to remove controllers in most of the effects block or assign them to your own expression pedal setup. I used one expression pedal to mix in the wet level of most of these effects. The most used User IR is/was my Red Wire G12m Cap Off Axis 3\" with a SM57. You can default to that on most any patch here with some grit to it in order to get an idea of what that distance and orientation of the mic offer. That IR is available for *free* from Red Wire. No mixing or anything more than dropping that into User Slot 6 is needed - in *most* cases. (*Most of the cleaner tones are using Factory IR\'s). Note that there are some factory presets in here; everything I did was with the \"SP\" on the end of the preset title.\"

Cab / IR Recipe

User 3 = Bassman mix. (*see below) User 4 = RW G12M 4\" Cap Off-Axis SM57 User 8 = RW Basketweave G12M-20 3\" Cap Off-Axis SM57 Bassman 410 Ref Mix9 BassmanP10Qs-SM57-CapEdgeOffAxis-4in.wav,0.85 BassmanP10Qs-TC30-Cap-0in.wav,0.05 BassmanP10Qs-TC30-Back-12in.wav,0.05 BassmanP10Qs-TC30-RoomL.wav,0.025 BassmanP10Qs-TC30-RoomR.wav,0.025

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