Axe-Fx Ultra v11.00 preset

Yek s collection 05-20-11

Posted by levipeto on 2011-05-31 02:35:33

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  • Gain: n/a
  • Guitar Type: Electric
  • Pickup: n/a
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  • Channel: Mono

Preset Description

\"Credit for part of the creativity goes to Javajunkie, Bakerman, Matman, Don Petersen, Fremen, Raca, Simeon, Jay Mitchell, Xpenno and others. Some sounds are based on factory presets or Axe-Change stuff. No Global Amps in this release for your convenience. Some presets use an Ultra-only effect/setting such as Ring Modulator, Filter block 3, Synth etc. If you load these into a Standard, these blocks will be empty. A Standard can’t handle many of these presets because of the high number of blocks (CPU% will be too high). These presets are primarily for live use, not for recording. Intentionally created to come alive (\'breathe\') as the volume is turned up, may sound a little dull at low volume. I use Adam A7X nearfield studio monitors to dial in these tones. When rehearsing or gigging Output1 is amplified through a FR monitor or goes directly to FOH. No blocking PEQs used to block ultra-high/-low frequencies. The presets can be used in stereo or mono output mode. Mono: set Output Mode to Sum L+R (no phase cancellation issues). If there’s too much bass, adjust the Global EQ (turn down 63Hz all the way, 125Hz to taste). The presets can be used with humbuckers or single coils. I used my Tele (neck single coil, bridge humbucker) to dial in the tones. Power amp simulation: on. Cab simulation: on. Noise Gate (Layout menu) is set per preset (modest settings). Layout > Mix levels are at default mostly. Input Source is Analog Front. For mono use, set Output mode to Sum L+R. Global EQs are neutral, except for 63Hz at -12. User cab slot 10 contains an Mamabear 7.7 IR for acoustic tones. The presets are configured to handle a Left input signal (front). Set in the I/O menu and Amp blocks. Remember this if you don’t get an input signal. I use identical layouts in many presets to simplify editing. Block levels and bypass modes are set to maintain unity gain. I use the ”global” boost trick with my MIDI foot controller. Some effects are placed in parallel rows. Mix is 100%, Level sets the amount of desired effect and Bypass Mode is Mute In or Mute Out to avoid volume issues when the effect is bypassed. Expression pedal is attached to External 1. External 1 controls Rotary and Tremolo speeds in the main presets. It also controls the Wah, if the Wah is switched on. If a preset name contains \"P1\" then pedal 1 has a specific use, for example the E-Bow preset is muted until pedal 1 is moved. The presets are organized to fit in MFC-101 banks (Bank Size 5). Presets 0-20 and 90-95 are my main amp presets. The advanced parameters of these sims are all at default. Presets 21-100 are dedicated effects presets. Organized by type of effect. Presets 128-256 are my favorite presets from other users. \" Main amp presets: (1 - 20) Dr.Z Maz Fender Vibroverb Fender Twin Vox AC-30 Topboost Bogner Shiva clean Bogner Shiva Ld (low gain) Bogner Ecstasy Blue Trainwreck Marsha BE CarollAnn (for leads) Bogner Shiva Ld (high gain) Bogner Ecstasy Red Bogner Uberschall Mesa Rectifier Orange Marsha HBE Bogner Euro Red (for leads) Mesa Mark IV (for leads) Marsha HBE (for leads) Fryette D60 More Diezel VH4 (90 - 99) Fender Bassman Plexi Soldano SLO-100 These presets have the following common effects blocks: COMPR. VOL: attached to Envelope controller for automatic volume swells. WAH: attached to External 1. RING MODULATOR: tracking low octave. DRIVE1: BB preamp in some clean presets, or a specific Drive block in specific presets. DRIVE2: Tape Dist in most presets, emulating an extra gain stage. PHASER1: slow Phase 90-type phasing. PHASER2: Univibe. CHORUS: analog-style chorus, not in hi-gain presets. ROTARY: External 1 controls speed. FLANGER: jet-style flanging. TREMOLO: External 1 controls speed. REVERB: clean amps only. DELAY1: analog sounding dual delay (ducking) for leads or ambience. DELAY2: loud modulated delay trails. CAB: stock cab(s), no mic sim.

Cab / IR Recipe

\"I continue to use Ownhammer IRs, but for this release and your convenience I selected suitable stock cabs (no mic sims).\"

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