Axe-Fx Ultra v10.05 preset

A Brownface Kinda Thang

Posted by levipeto on 2011-04-28 17:18:46

  • Artist: Jay Mitchell
  • Song: No More Tax
  • Style:
  • Gain: Clean
  • Guitar Type: Electric
  • Pickup: Single Coil
  • Output:
  • Channel: Stereo

Preset Description

Because it is a W/D/W preset, there are two signal paths. My recording was made from the (stereo) \"wet\" path. The preset will require some modification to work mono. Since the only effect I used in the recording was delay, you won\'t have to do very much to get the same tone in mono. The preset uses one of my IRs, which I\'m placing here. It and the preset will only be up for a short time. I won\'t divulge any details of the acquisition of the IR or the speaker(s) involved. I will only say that it was taken from an actual cabinet and that no small animals were harmed in its creation.

Cab / IR Recipe

use attached file: User 10.syx‎

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Download "User 10.syx"

Download "WDW Brownface.syx"