Axe-Fx Ultra v10.05 preset

Fender Brownface

Posted by levipeto on 2011-03-31 01:43:31

  • Artist: Yek
  • Song:
  • Style:
  • Gain: Clean
  • Guitar Type: Electric
  • Pickup: Single Coil
  • Output: FBT Verve 12ma monitor, QSC K12
  • Channel: Mono

Preset Description

Yek\'s comments: [AMPLIFICATION and EQ] I’m using Adam A7X nearfield studio monitors at home to dial in things. I test and adjust things using a FBT Verve 12ma monitor and/or QSC K12 at loud volume, making sure that those monitors can be used with these presets as a backline amp. These presets probably need adjustments to sound good through a regular power amp and guitar cabinet. I use these presets live, not for recording. They\'re intentionally created to come alive (\'breathe\') as the volume is turned up. At low volume levels they may sound dull. There’s a PEQ in most presets, blocking undesirable low and high frequencies. It’s disabled by default. Tip to control the PEQ state globally The presets can be used in stereo as well as mono modes (mono Output Mode: Sum L+R, no phase cancellation issues). [GUITARS] I use these presets primarily with humbuckers. I dial in most of the presets using a Gibson with humbuckers, excluding the Fender presets. I use the tone control on brighter guitars to avoid harshness. The acoustic guitar presets require a piezo. [GLOBAL SETTINGS] Power amp and Cab simulation are On. The Noise Gate is set per preset (modest settings). Layout > Mix levels are mostly zero. Input Source is Analog Front. Input 1 is Stereo. Copy Out1 to Out2 is On. When mono, the Output mode is Sum L+R. I make use of Global Amps in many presets. This simplifies editing and improves consistency across presets. Note that the Amp blocks in almost all presets are set to use the Left Input.

Cab / IR Recipe

User cab slots: 01: -- 02: Ownhammer SLM V30 (sm57) 03: Ownhammer Blue (Mix’n’Match 8) 04: Ownhammer M75 (sm57) 05: Ownhammer H75 (Mix’n’Match 8) 06: Ownhammer Mesa V30-1 (sm57) 07: Ownhammer G12H65 (sm57) 08: Ownhammer H75 (tc30) 09: Fishman Aura IR (Martin HD28 w/Neumann mic) for acoustic tones 10: MamaBear 7.7 IR for acoustic tones AIR parameter in Cab blocks with hi-gain amps: 35% at 3494 Hz.

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Download "003 - Vibroverb.syx"

Download "016 - Mark IV solo.syx"

Download "016 - Mark IV solo.syx"

Download "016 - Mark IV solo.syx"