Amplitube 3 v3 preset

Slash Tone

Posted by levipeto on 2014-07-16 13:24:41 , Contributor: liarschair10 , Source: liarschair10

  • Artist: Slash / Guns N Roses
  • Song: Nightrain / Sweet Child
  • Style: Hard Rock, Glam
  • Gain: Crunch
  • Guitar Type: Electric
  • Pickup: Humbucker
  • Output: n/a
  • Channel: Mono

Preset Description

Slash tone from Appetite for Destruction.. im using amplitube 3 to get the sound,and a Gibson Les Paul. Please excuse my playing,was more about trying to show the tone,and not my playing. please enjoy and comment if youd like..for the amplitube3 preset go here

Cab / IR Recipe

If your browser opens the file, then try right-click on the button and Save Link As ...

Download "afd3.at3p"

Download "afd3.at3p"


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slashigno 2015-09-19 07:09:27

can't download it :(

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levipeto 2015-10-25 21:39:56

Quick Solution: Right Click on Download button: Save Link As ... Amplitude presets like with .at3p extension get opened by the browser. That's why we need the work-around.